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Chelsea Taylor Quinlan

Chelsea Taylor Quinlan

Owner | Photographer

Hello!  Welcome to Dealership Photos.  Read on to find out how we got started…

In early 2007, Chelsea began working at Motorcars Direct, a high-end luxury and sports car dealership in Orange County, Ca. Her primary responsibility was photographing every car that came into inventory and distributing the processed photos amongst sites such as, and She worked there for almost two years before, unfortunately, the economic downturn of 2008 caused Motorcars Direct to go under and they had to let everyone go.

Chelsea had a passion for cars and motorsports from growing up with a Porsche technician as a father and knew this is what she wanted to do. So she set out to find other dealerships that needed photographers. It turns out there were many and so began Dealership Photos!

In 2009, Chelsea became the sole proprietor of her business, Dealership Photos, and expanded to other dealerships in Orange County. Dealership Photos has worked with the aforementioned Motorcars Direct, EuroCar Inc, TruSpeed Motorcars, AutoHaus West and Platinum AutoHaus in Redondo Beach.

Chelsea now lives in Richmond, Va. and is photographing inventory for Euroclassics Porsche.  Please contact us today to find out how we can shoot the best photos for your dealership!

Dealership Photos has a true automotive and motorsports photographer in our arsenal. We will help set up your photo “studio” so that we can take the best photos possible for your dealership. Whether this is deciding what color to paint the walls, what lighting to use, what flooring is best, or for smaller dealerships, which area outside of your store has the best lighting so the changes we make would be minimal. No dealership is too big or too small. We love cars and love to make them look great!

Dealership Photos has hands on experience with all makes and models including but not limited to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Hummer and many more…

Contact us today so that we can come by and meet with you to discuss the best possible package for your dealership. We want to be your dealership photographer!

Chelsea is a pleasure to do business with, and I would advise anyone to hire her. She is super reliable and very good at what she does. My company had moved to a new location, and we take all of our photos inside. She worked tirelessly to get the proper lighting and positioning and she also finalized all the proper shot angles. She has since moved out of state, but we still use her process today. Chelsea is a must hire! Rob M.

Owner, Truspeed Motorcars

Selling highlne automobiles on a global basis via the internet is not an easy task. The photos of each automobile play a major role in the marketing/sales of the vehicle. I was always complimented on the quality of our photos while Chelsea was our photographer. Repeatedly I heard, “your photos are what caught my eye”. Chelsea played an integral role in the success of our business and I would gladly recommend her. She will be a great asset to any company. Brett R.

Sales, EuroCar

Our layouts for our dealership had never, ever had the professional appearance that Chelsea brought to the dealership. She on all accounts is a true Artist and a Professional. Rick S.

Sales, Moore Cadillac

Chelsea is a HUGE reason why I sold so many cars and got so many great leads from her internet and photo presentations of our inventory. She is highly organized and a prefectionist. Those are huge assets in the high-end luuxry car industry. Great job Chelsea! Chris M.

Sales, MotorCars Direct

I have worked with Chelsea a number of times over the last 3 years. I have always admired her work when she was at MotorCars Direct. I never knew she was the one behind the camera and responsible for the unbelievable photos on their website. In the ultra competitive pre-owned luxury car market, Chelsea is an invaluable asset to dealers looking for an edge online and she has been a part of the largest and most successful dealers on the internet. Andre G.

Sales Manager, EuroCar

Chelsea served as our primary photographer at Eurocar and did a fantastic job. She has an eye for detail, making each and every one of fine automobiles stand out against all competitors. Paul G.

CFO, EuroCar

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